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About Sarah


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Hello! My name is Sarah Laing and I am am a nutritionist, author of "You Aren't Just What You Eat... But That's Important Too" and cofounder of S&J Natural Products, where we offer a synergistic line of CBD-infused products. The cross over from nutrition to the hemp / cannabis plant may not be obvious, but once you see it, you won't look back. My work in the nutritional supplement industry, combined with my involvement in developing medical marijuana regulations in my home country of Canada, not only gave me a glimpse into the vast abyss of knowledge on herbal remedies, but drew my attention to cannabinoid receptors in our bodies and their role in maintaining health through the endocannabinoid system. Nutrition lies at the interface of this relationship, and we now have a unique opportunity to harness the power of Cannabinoid Foods and drive our bodies into a state of balanced wellness instead of one of imbalance or disease.

My passion for functional foods and their potential to so profoundly impact our health, now and in the future, drives my desire to coach to you to a better nutritional path that supports your overall health -- mind, body and spirit. Download my free Guide to Cannabinoid Nutrition and take the first step to propelling yourself to your Cannabinoid Potential. 

Wishing you Health and Happiness,