Plans & Services

Plans & Services

start balancing.

Choose one of these three options and start your endocannabinoid balancing journey today.

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30 Day Guided ECS Balancing Program

Sign up and receive your Personalized Endocannabinoid Nutrition Assessment; weekly Skype meetings to develop your program, discuss your progress and work out challenges that arise; unlimited email access to answer all your questions and access to our online resources including Cannabinoid Diet recipes and lifestyle tips.

30 Day ECS Balancing Program
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Individual  Coaching

Create your own schedule with individual coaching. This allows you to get the level of one-on-one support you need while going at your own pace through your individualized ECS balancing program that we develop together. Click here to book an introductory call to discuss a meeting schedule that works for you. 

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Other Services

I aim to offer a variety of workshops and seminars on various aspects of the Cannabinoid Diet and how it affects our health. Click here to find out about upcoming events. I am also happy to accommodate most individual requests, including recipe modifications, cooking classes, workshops and seminars. All seminars are free for subscribers.