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Probiotic Veggie Powerbowl

This probiotic veggie powerbowl is the perfect solution for anyone dealing with IBS, acid reflux, gas or other digestive imbalances as the probiotic bacteria in kraut help to balance the gut microflora and strengthen our immunity. Spinach and mushrooms are packed with fiber and nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, folic acid and beta glucan that, combined with protein-packed quinoa and an organic, cage-free egg will be sure to keep your immune system and digestion at its best.

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probiotic veggie powerbowl



1.5 cups quinoa, cooked (as per package directions)

1 cup of our Panfried Veggie Skillet recipe (click here for recipe)

2 eggs, organic and cage-free if possible

4 Tbsp any kraut, to taste (we used a spicy garlic kraut and it was delicious!)

Cooking Directions:

1. Cook quinoa as per package instructions.

2. Make our Panfried Veggie Skillet recipe (or you may have some leftover if you're lucky!)

3. Poach or fry two eggs (use olive oil if fried)

4. Plate half of each ingredient onto each plate and enjoy!

Serves 2